How to register a car in Andorra

Many people don’t know this, but it is possible to transfer practically any car to Andorra from other EU countries.

However, doing so involves some requirements, as we will see below.

Conditions for transferring a car to Andorra

First of all, the vehicle must have been in the name of the person wishing to move it for at least the previous six months.

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Furthermore, the person in question must have been resident in the Principality for at least six months. However, if someone does not have the residence, he/she will also be able to transfer his/her car, only that he/she will be assigned a temporary plate that must be renewed annually.

The documents required for the transfer are:

  • Owner’s passport
  • Invoice of the car.
  • Certificate of residence, if applicable.
  • Papers of the last technical inspection in the country of origin.
  • Technical certificate and type approval or conformity certificate.
  • Export and import declaration.
  • Insurance policy with an Andorran company.
  • Registration of the Transit Authority in the country from where the shipment is made.

How much does it cost to move a car to Andorra?

These are the costs:

  • Import tax of 4.5% depending on the value of the car. If it is a hybrid vehicle, the rate will be 1%.
  • Registration fee: 200€.
  • If the plates are from the Automobile Club of Andorra, they have a cost of 60€.
  • Cars that are not manufactured in Europe, or that have been purchased outside the European territory, must pay an additional tax of 10%.
  • Finally, insurance costs must be added.

Emissions class Euro 5

In Andorra there is, since 2009, the so-called Euro 5 Standard, which establishes the maximum limit of polluting emissions that a vehicle can have, especially in the case of those with diesel engines. No vehicle that does not comply with this regulation may be moved to Andorran territory, in order to help preserve the environment from this type of harmful agents.

Other conditions

Among other conditions, there is a ban on importing vehicles with the steering wheel on the right-hand side. Also, those vehicles that are more than 25 years old will have to be imported as classic cars.

Personalized license plates

Since 2014, those who have their car with Andorran plates can, if they wish, request a personalized license plate. Combinations of letters and numbers (in that order), or just letters, with less than five characters, can be used. If numbers are included, they must be Arabic numerals, and combinations alluding to brands or authorities are not accepted. All registrations must be duly approved and, although the cost may vary, the annual license fee has a fixed cost of at least €200.

Is it worth importing a car to Andorra?

The Andorran second-hand car market has a wide variety of models at an affordable cost. It should also be noted that the IGI (equivalent to VAT), is only 4.5%, both for first and second-hand cars.

Therefore, it is possible that buying a car directly in Andorra is a simpler option than importing it from your country.

How to get residency in Andorra?

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