How can I obtain Andorran nationality?

First of all, it is important to clarify that it is not necessary to obtain Andorran nationality to reside in Andorra. Residence and nationality are two different concepts: you can be a resident without being an Andorran national, but you must be a resident to apply for nationality.

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If you are only interested in obtaining residency, we recommend our article on Andorran active residency (the most common) and passive residency (intended for high net worth individuals).

If you are interested in understanding how to obtain Andorran nationality, we explain it below.

How to obtain Andorran nationality

The first requirement to become Andorran is to be willing to renounce any other nationality, as it is not possible to have any other nationality apart from Andorran nationality.

Any person wishing to initiate this process must expressly renounce any other nationality or nationalities held.

There are other requirements for obtaining nationality (we will discuss them in the next section), and if these are met the applicant will have a period of five years to pass an exam in which their knowledge of the Catalan language will be assessed, as well as the history and geography of the Principality.

Who can apply for Andorran nationality?

The requirements are different for adults and for minors. Below, we explain, in each case, who can obtain the nationality.


May make the application those who:

  • Have resided at least fifteen years in Andorra and have a natural grandparent from the Principality.
  • Have resided for at least three years in Andorra and married an Andorran (regardless of whether the three years of residence were completed before or after the marriage took place).
  • Have lived at least twenty years in Andorra and can prove it.
  • Have lived at least ten years in Andorra and have completed their compulsory schooling in the Principality.


Eligible for nationality shall be minors who:

  • Were born in Andorra, of Andorran father and/or mother.
  • Were born in another country but are children of an Andorran father or mother, born in Andorra.
  • Are under fourteen years of age, adopted by a person with Andorran nationality or who has resided at least ten years in the territory (if less time of residence, a provisional passport will be granted)
  • Born in the Principality and either of their parents is a resident, even if they do not have the nationality. In this case, the parent must have at least ten years of residence, otherwise the child may only have a provisional passport.

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