What are the requirements for family regrouping in Andorra?

Andorra is a destination that more and more people choose to establish their residence, since it not only implies tax benefits, but also a long list of advantages, among which we can point out its wonderful climate and landscapes, its health and education systems, one of the highest rates of human development, citizen security and, in general, a very high quality of life.

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And it is no wonder that residents of Andorra, whether naturalized or not, are eager to take their family members with them to the Principality.

As we will see below, the requirements regarding family reunification have recently been modified and are now more advantageous.

New regulations for family reunification

Currently, anyone can apply for family reunification after three months of residing in Andorra.

Until recently, this was an advantage that only Spaniards and French people had, as people from any other country had to wait a year to initiate such a process. However, in the last year such provisions have been changed to benefit all residents equally.

Such decisions continue to seek to improve conditions for people settling in the Principality, which seeks to continue to grow and develop, largely thanks to quality immigration.

Who can apply?

The first condition for applying for family reunification in Andorra is perhaps obvious: being a resident or being an Andorran citizen.

And it is important to take into account the type of residence, since there is active residence (people with a work permit and who work in the Principality) and passive residence (investors, sportsmen or people who carry out other activities but do not work directly in the country).

If you are passive resident, you have to contribute 10,000€ more and assume 100% of the SMI for each regrouped member.

For which family members can you apply for reunification?

It is possible to apply for family reunification for persons with whom the following relationships are maintained:

  • Spouse or common-law partner.
  • Children who are minors of the person applying for reunification and/or their partner, provided that they have legal custody of them.
  • Children of legal age of any of the members of the couple who are dependents and of whom legal guardianship is held.
  • Assignees who are dependents of the person applying for reunification, 65 years of age or older or retired.
  • Other persons for whom legal guardianship is held, which must be recognized by the Andorran government.

How does the procedure work?

As is evident, a series of documents must be presented, among them, identity documents, proof of residence and, as the case may be, those related to custody of minors or legal guardianship of other family members.

Likewise, the resident must prove that he/she has the necessary economic resources to take care of the family group.

If the application is made by an Andorran national, the residence for his family members will have a duration of ten years once the procedure has been carried out for the first time.

On the other hand, if the process is carried out by a non-nationalized resident, the family members will be given a one-year residency with the possibility of renewal. After the first year, they may be renewed three times for two-year periods; only then, after those seven years, may they be granted residency for a period of ten years.

Why live in Andorra?

Changing residence to the Principality is a clear commitment to live better: the reduced tax bill, good quality of life, nature, security and amenities for family life are some of the advantages of living in Andorra that are increasingly seducing more and more citizens of neighboring countries.

Do you need help?

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